Warehouse Stomp 1/6/2012

It’s so awesome to have a weekly venue in town finally.  Last night had a pretty good crowd since Phoenix sent down quite a large delegation.

I thought it would be fun to start posting my set lists from every time I DJ.  There are a few artists that I’m really into right now so you’ll see them appear multiple times on the set.  Once I figure out a quick way to export play lengths and BPM I’ll start posting that too.

So here goes…

Song Artist
On Revival Day (A Rhythmic Spiritual) Bessie Smith
Long Gone John Gordon Webster
Lavender Coffin Lionel Hampton
Corinne Died On The Battlefield Preservation Hall Jazz Band;Tom Waits
Bizet Has His Day The Solomon Douglas Swingtet
I Like Pie, I Like Cake The Four Clefs
Hot 7 Paul Lenart
Shake It And Break It Preservation Hall Jazz Band;Andrew Bird
Just Because You Can Catherine Russell
Drop Me Off In Harlem Boilermaker Jazz Band
Tuxedo Junction Erskine Hawkins
All Right, Okay, You Win Gordon Webster
I Got a Woman Ray Charles
Struttin’ with Some Barbeque Catherine Russell
Blue Drag Allen Toussaint
Make Me a Pallet On The Floor Paul Lenart
Bright Mississippi Allen Toussaint
Savoy Lucky Millinder