Tell Me More About Balboa…

Beginner Balboa lessons will begin August 12th!

Balboa is a 1930’s swing dance that became popular in the crowded ballrooms of Newport Beach, California, and most famously at the Balboa Pavilion on Balboa Island. Known as a dancer’s dance, it is recognized by its close embrace, fancy footwork, and strong emphasis on lead/follow connection. It is also renowned for its ability to be danced comfortably at blazing fast tempos. Come learn to Bal!

Here are some examples:

And a more vintage example:

We teach a 4 week series geared toward beginners. If you have never social danced before or even if you are comfortable dancing, but just don’t know Balboa, this series is for you. During the 4 week course we will cover the basic movements of Balboa. These core movements will allow you to discover what Balboa and Bal-swing are about and why it’s loved by so many swing dancers.

Class Outline

Week 1: Basic footwork. This class will get you moving your feet and learning why Pure Balboa can be danced to music at amazing speeds.

Week 2: Come-arounds. This circular movement will set you up for transitioning into Bal-swing.

Week 3: Out-and-Ins One of the most versatile movements in Bal-swing, Out-and-Ins will give you more room to play.

Week 4: Toss-Outs and Lollies. Toss-outs are to Bal-Swing what Swing-outs are to Lindy Hop. This dynamic move will introduce you to Bal-swing.

The Nitty Gritty

When: Saturdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm, August 12th – September 2nd, 2017.

Where: Floor Polish Studio 2215 N Hoff Ave #107, Tucson, AZ

Cost: $40 for four weeks

No partner necessary.

If you would like to take the August series, please sign up here. Class will be capped at 10 leads and 10 follows. Sign up soon to guarantee your spot!

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